Journey Across the Artic

Last year, my friends and I travelled across the Artic with a lot of dogs and sledges.
We started with a lot of equipment and clothes but I was very cold. We travelled for six months from the South. We needed some food and water because it was finished. An helicopter gave us a lot of food and water and we continued our journey.
After a week we were on a mountain. The snow that was on the top of the mountain fall down and we were very frightened! We started going down of the mountain very fast! We could escape from the snow. After a day we reached the North pole safely.


My Best Friend!

My best friend is Tomás. He’s from Rosario and He’s a student like me.
He’s short and thin. His hair is long and brown,his eyes are brown, too. He has got a small nose and mouth. He likes playing football but he doesn’t like playing computer games.He can runs fast but he can’t swims very well.
Every day he gets up at 7 o’ clock,he has breakfast,he brushes his teeth and he goes to school by car.When he arrives to the school he salutes me and we go to class. Then, he finishes the school and he comes back home. He has lunch and then he chats in the computer. when his brother arrives ,they plays video games together. After that, he goes to his football lessons in Provincial. Then, he comes back home and he does his homework. He watches television and finally, he goes to bed at eleven o’ clock.
Yesterday, he went to my house and we played video games, then we ate and we studyed for a test. Finally, we went to bed and we talked for 20 minutes.
Tomorrow he is going to play a football match versus the first on the league !


My holidays!

Hi! My last holidays were in Paris.I went with my family and we did a lot of things!
We booked a hotel. When we arrived to France,my family and I, visited a lot of monuments: the Peace Arch,Palaise De Versaille,The Louvre and The Tour Eiffel!
Then, we went to Disneyland! It was great! I went to many rollercoasters and games! We stayed in Paris for 4 days and in Disneyland 4 other days ,too.
I love Paris but my next holidays i’m going to visit New York! We are going to go to the city centre and to the Shopping centres… I can’t wait to go to the Empire State!
I know it is going to be really wonderful!


Who are we?

Hi! I’m Stefano and i’m 13 years old. I live in Rosario but i’m from Milano. I’m tall and thin. I’ve got brown eyes and my hair is short and brown, too. My nose and mouth are big.
I can play handball but i can’t play badmington. I like football but i don’t like hockey. I like music but i don’t like play the guitar.
Every day i get up at seven o’clock, i have breakfast, i brush my teeth and i go to school, i study there and then y come back home, i have lunch, i watch TV and i chat in the computer. After that, i go to football lessons in Provincial. I come back home and i have a shower, then, i do my homework, i have dinner and i brush my teeth. Finally, i go to bed at half past ten.

Peter Benson´s fan

My name is Lucio I am 18 years old and I want to be like you. I am Argentinian. I am tall and thin and I love the things that I do, bicycling, swimming and running. These things are fantastic. I am young for the Ironman competition but the next it is in three years so I am preparing for this.
And my best friend is like me, he loves does this things so maybe he is going to participate for the competition too. He is tall and thin like me but he has got long and black hair and I have short and brown hair.
I really know that this competition is very difficult but my parents are help me and I am preparing all the day so I think I am going to be like you, like the second man who win he Iroman competition.

Journey across the Artic

In February 1972, I started a journey across the Arctic. I went with four boyfriends, two girlfriends and thirty dogs. We had big problems! Our boat broke down, the ice melted, it was very cold and we didn’t have any food. We found a house but there wasn’t food or central heating. We started walking and two dogs died because it was very cold. Suddenly, we saw a lot of people. They rescued us! We were very lucky!


My best friend!

My best friend´s name is Juan Antonio. He is ten years old. He is from Argentina. He is a student. He is short and thin. His hair is blond but he’s got brown eyes. His nose is small and he’s got a small mouth, too. His ears are small. He’s got short arms and his legs are short, too.
Every day, he gets up at nine o’clock. He has breakfast. Then, he gets dressed. He does his homework. Next, he plays computer games. He watches TV. After that, he has lunch. He goes school by car. Then, he plays football. Afterward, he comes back home. He’s got a shower and has dinner. Finally, he goes to bed at 11 o’clock.

Yesterday, he got up at 7:30. He had breakfast. He went to school. Then, he went to my house and we did our homework. Next, we played ping-pong. We also played computer games. We had lunch. We went to school on foot.

Tomorrow he is going to have lunch. He is going to go to school. Then, he is going to come back home. He is going to play football. He is going to have dinner.


My best friend!

His name is Matias. He is 13 years old. He is a student and he is Argentinian like me. He is tall and thin. His eyes are brown and his hair is short and black. He likes playing rugby but he doesn’t like playing tennis. He can play rugby very well but he can’t play the drums.
Every day, he gets up at 7 o’clock. Then, he has breakfast and he gets dressed. Next, he goes to school. After that, he comes back home and he has lunch. At midday, he plays video games and in the afternoon he plays rugby. Then, he goes back home and he has a shower. Next, he has dinner and watches TV. Finally, he goes to bed at 11 o’clock.
Yesterday, he returned from San Martin. We went 7 days ago there. And yesterday he stayed at home with his family to celebrate the Mother’s day.
Tomorrow, he is going to go to school. Then, he is going to come back home. Next, he is going to play video games and at 6 o’clock he is going to play rugby. After that, at 9 o’clock he is going to come back home and he is going to have dinner. Finally, he is going to go to bed.


My holidays!

On my last holidays I went to Cordoba. It was fantastic! I went with my cousins, my mother, my brother and with my uncle. There, we went to La Cascada del Toro. We also went to El nido del aguila and there we swam. My brother, my cousins and me walked up the hill. It was GREAT. The rest of the family didn’t believe we were able to do it!
On my next holiday I don’t know where we are going to go but we want to go to Disney or Brazil. On my last summer holidays, we went to Funes and I loved it! We can’t decide where we are going to go because both places are great but I prefer Disney because we can go to the theme parks and ride roller coasters or visit Harry Potter’s castle. My best friend told me that Disney is great! So, I think we must go there!