On the last summer holiday my family decided to go to the Artic Ocean and I said like that is crazy but we went. It was the 2nd of January when we went to the Artic and the journey took 3 days. When we arrived I though like it was not a bad idea. We went to the station because it were not hotels, we only went to cross the Artic Ocean.
When we started the journey to cross the Artic all was great we saw animals like a bear polar. But on the 9th of January all started to melted only were pieces of ice except some snow that it was good. We were very lucky because the journey to cross the Artic only took 6 days so we can crossed. But if the trip had lasted 7 days we had died because at the 7 day there was only pieces of ice. We were lucky.

Journey across the Artic

Last winter holidays I went to the Artic with my family and my cousins. It was very cold but it was very funny. I skied, I played in the snow and I drove snow motorbikes. My sister and my cousins rested and slept because they don’t like snow and cold weather but they skied with us for some hours. Then, they came back home because they were cold. It was very funny and I want to travel to the artic again.
Unfortunately, on the third day there was a snow storm and we were at 2km away from the house. It was very cold but we drove the snow motorbikes very quickly and we were home in 30 minutes. I was very, very cold. It was a great experience!

Journey Across the Artic

Last year, my friends and I travelled across the Artic with a lot of dogs and sledges.
We started with a lot of equipment and clothes but I was very cold. We travelled for six months from the South. We needed some food and water because it was finished. An helicopter gave us a lot of food and water and we continued our journey.
After a week we were on a mountain. The snow that was on the top of the mountain fall down and we were very frightened! We started going down of the mountain very fast! We could escape from the snow. After a day we reached the North pole safely.


Journey across the Artic

In February 1972, I started a journey across the Arctic. I went with four boyfriends, two girlfriends and thirty dogs. We had big problems! Our boat broke down, the ice melted, it was very cold and we didn’t have any food. We found a house but there wasn’t food or central heating. We started walking and two dogs died because it was very cold. Suddenly, we saw a lot of people. They rescued us! We were very lucky!