Peter Benson´s fan

My name is Ramiro. I’m ten years old. I’m from Argentina. I’m tall and thin. I’ve got brown hair and my eyes are brown, too. I’ve got a small nose and my mouth is small, too. I’ve got small ears. My arms are long and I’ve got long legs, too.
I can ride a bike very well and run very fast. My favourite subject is physical education. I must run in the park and ride a bike twice a week.

My best friend at school is Marcos. He‘s twenty one.
Next weekend, he is going to go the park with me. we are going to eat hamburgers.Then, we are going to watch a bike competition on tv.After that, he ´s going to go back home.



My name is Franco, I am 16 years old and I am from Argentina. I can play many sports. I can play tennis and basketball. I play football too. I am the best football player in my school. The teacher gave me a medal in a tournament we played with my friends at school.
My favourite school subjets are physical education and Maths. I am not good at Language. I like English too. I have to do tests. I don’t like school very much but I have to go to school every day. I have got many friends at school, my best friends are Mauricio, Carlos and Brian, they are 16 years old too and they play football with me in the same football team.
Last winter holidays I went to England with a teacher and my football team. We went to a tournament and we won a medal. It was very funny.
Next weekend I am going to go to Brazil with my friends. We are going to go to another tournament. We are going to play against a Brazilian team and we are going to win the medal.


Peter Benson’s fan

Hi! My name is Guido and I’m 12 years old. I’m a cyclist and I can ride the bike very well. I’m a student at Dante Alighieri school. My favourite subjects are Math and Science. At school there are a lot of rules. I must do the homework but I mustn’t run in the corridor.
Last holidays I did a marathon on the street. I rode my bike for 10 kilometres and I finished third. I was very happy because it was a difficult race.
This weekend I’m going to ride my bike with my friends in the park. We are going to do races, games and we are going to practise for a new marathon. In the future i’m going win the ironman competition.


Peter Benson´s fan

My name is Lucio I am 18 years old and I want to be like you. I am Argentinian. I am tall and thin and I love the things that I do, bicycling, swimming and running. These things are fantastic. I am young for the Ironman competition but the next it is in three years so I am preparing for this.
And my best friend is like me, he loves does this things so maybe he is going to participate for the competition too. He is tall and thin like me but he has got long and black hair and I have short and brown hair.
I really know that this competition is very difficult but my parents are help me and I am preparing all the day so I think I am going to be like you, like the second man who win he Iroman competition.